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At JR Kays Trucking, we understand we're not the only company you can call when you need commercial transport services for your products or goods, but we firmly believe that we're the ideal choice. We go to great lengths to impress you with a job well done for all your commercial trucking needs, and we offer competitive pricing for freight transport and other services. 

Of course, there's more to selecting a freight service than price alone. You need your goods to arrive at the intended destination on time and on budget, and you can always count on us to deliver your products in great condition and with reliable results. We're committed to being punctual and dependable regardless of external circumstances that may otherwise cause delays, and we go to great lengths to impress you with our timely service. 
Our company was originally founded in 2009, amidst the economic chaos of the Great Recession, by 12 individuals who each brought their own skills and experience to the table. Economic conditions may not have been ideal, but the founding members of the company had the vision and dedication to guide the new company to success. We have more than 150 years of combined industry experience in areas such as safety, maintenance & fleet services, dispatch & logistics, management, and more, and this experience is a benefit to you with each shipment we handle. 

When you need freight transport, food grade transport or other types of trucking services, rest assured that your cargo is in great hands when you put JR Kays Trucking to work for you. We strive for excellence in all that we do, and we want to help you with your current trucking needs. To learn more about the services we provide or to request a quote for services, contact our office today.

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31 Railroad St, Clarendon PA 16313