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Bill brings over 50 years of experience to JR Kays Trucking. He began his career as a company driver, then moved on to become an owner/operator before moving inside to work in dispatch, safety, operations, and analysis. Bill has served in nearly every capacity in the trucking business, his real passion is in crunching numbers and analyzing profitability reports. Bill now enjoys a modified schedule, and spends his down time rebuilding and driving muscle cars and hot rods, but he is still committed to his work in providing guidance and direction to the JR Kays Trucking family.


Lisa joined the JR Kays Trucking family in 2010 after holding various positions in the corporate and nonprofit sectors, including roles as staff accountant and comptroller. She has a firm grasp of what it takes to increase profitability, and utilizes all of the resources at her disposal to ensure that JR Kays Trucking operates at highest efficiency. Lisa is a fierce advocate in the trucking industry, and she works tirelessly to ensure that the safest and most qualified drivers are on the road.


Mike is a technical professional who joined JR Kays Trucking in 2012, bringing with him years of experience in industry safety, regulations, compliance, conflict resolution, and trouble shooting. Mike's leadership is invaluable in policy and correctional strategies, and in compliance with state and federal regulations. His calm and positive demeanor allows for a positive and respected rapport with customers, drivers, and staff. Mike's advocacy at agencies and contributions to the community and the industry ensure that JR Kays and the transportation industry have a voice at local, state, and federal levels.


Sue has been a part of the JR Kays Trucking family since its beginning in 2009. She brings more than 25 years of experience in the industry, and is dedicated to excellence in guiding drivers through her work in dispatch. Sue is dedicated to problem resolution and directing drivers to their destinations in the most logical way possible, using her keen perception and critical thinking skills at every turn. Drivers often comment that she is the "best dispatcher in the industry," and a great asset to the JR Kays family.


Rob has been a dedicated and valued member of the JR Kays Trucking core group of employees since his graduation from diesel mechanic school more than 25 years ago. Rob is responsible for fleet maintenance, from providing specifications for new fuel-efficient, driver-comfort purchases, to keeping late models running at their best. He does all of this with fluidity and efficiency due to his keen ability to troubleshoot and address new problems as the heavy equipment world evolves. Rob's knowlege and technicial proficiency keep a safe and efficient fleet on the road.


Annie joined the JR Kays Trucking family in 2011, bringing impeccable business practices to the company. Annie has spent almost her entire life as part of a family business, having worked with her own family in a very successful company in a nearby town since her teenage years. She brought with her valuable experience and best business practices that  transferred easily to JR Kays Trucking. Always sharing a smile and positive attitude, Annie's calm presence keeps everyone focused on the most important aspects of business - our drivers and customers. She is able to multi-task easily, covering trucks, coordinating loading appointments, handling product issues, and tracking business spending - all at once with little stress, and with extreme proficiency.


David joined JR Kays Trucking in 2017 after a career in manufacturing and shipping. David has settled into the family business in the areas of payroll, benefits, safety, and compliance. He has worked hard to make a difference through his efforts in employee benefits and increasing morale. He is enthusiastic about increasing efficiencies in fleet services, driver safety, improving benefit packages, and ELD implementation and compliance. He also enjoys covering trucks and assisting in dispach as needed.


Jason is the newest member of the JR Kays Trucking family, joining the company just in time for our 10th Anniversary. He worked for nearly 15 years in purchasing and inventory managment in the oil industry. Jason has already shown initiative in streamlining fleet service efficiencies with his purchasing expertise. He has also proven to be resourceful in the shop, filling in as an additional mechanic as needed.


Jeremy (JT) joined the JR Kays family in 2015, and has taken every opportunity to advance his knowledge and skills. His work ethic is exemplary, and a joy to witness. As second mechanic in the shop, he has taken on an important role in the company and continues to take on greater responsibilities. We look forward to witness his continuing growth as a mechanic.


Anna has been a valued member of JR Kays Trucking since she was 14, and work as many hours as her working permit would allow at the time. Driven by a commitment to family and saving money, Anna is always ready to take on any task she is given. In early 2018, Anna became a full-time Mom, though she still makes time to help the JR Kays Family part-time. She works in accounting and human resources, and assists in dispatch to support the needs of logistics' fast-paced demands. 



We Are Family. We Are lucky to have each other.
We Are Family. We Are lucky to have each other.
We Are Family. We Are lucky to have each other.

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